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William Weeks

i have never owned a blanket but would gladly take a free one to try out!

cindy bean

keep me posted on blanket giveaway - any blanket that is waterproof and lightweight and FITS one of my two old geldings would be wonderful!

Michelle Stobbe

I use blankets on my horses that i haul, and I look for a med weight, breathable, waterproof blanket that will wash up great. Please enter me in your contest as Flame would just love to look like a zebra. and this would also deter any hunters in my area. That is another reason to have blankets on them. Thanks for all your GREAT products!! Michelle and Equine Partners

Becky Duffy

I would like to be entered into the blanket give away please. I need a new blanket for my 4 year old, Rain, who had a chewing problem last winter and chewed up 3 blankets!!! I left him naked for a week when the temps were in the 30-40 degrees, then when the temps dropped I put ANOTHER blanket on him...for some reason he decided to leave this one on ;) I have 3 horses total and they are blanketed from the elements, just another way to keep them safe and warm through the rough winter days of Iowa. Thanks so much!


I've not used a blanket on my horse yet, but I know at a point I will probably need to due to the severe winters we sometimes get.


My horse needs a new blanket because his stablemate has shredded his blanket. The repair shop tried to sew it back together but it's on it's last legs :)

Loyce H

My horse is an Off Track Racehorse named
Majestic who I adopted in the past 6 months.
He is 11 years old and finally retired at last.
Because he is adapting to new conditions
and also being from stall to a pasture, he
can use a new blanket as Winter approaches
in the North Texas weather. He will need
a light to medium blanket which will not
turn , moves with him as he walks, & without
binding at his chest& shoulders. Last winter
was quite cold and icy for TX and this horse
is not used to being free often from his
stall as he is now. His life was the racetrack.
I would love to have this new blanket
for him/ he has raced for 9 1/2 years and
has earned a comfortable retirement. Thank you.

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